Surprise, you live on the parade route!

We learned on Thursday that there was a parade or run when we were driving down Blake St and saw a big old splotch of green pain in the road. We were driving separately but had the same thought – oh crap, I hope it’s dry!  :)


Eventually we saw some shamrocks also painted by the green line and guessed it was in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.  And yes we really are that blond!


Saturday morning we awoke early to get ready for the installation of my sink in the garage! Lazy Bear Pottery Studio #3 is on it’s way! At one point we heard a lot of noise and people walking by – which is weird since we live where no-one else lives. I pop out onto the street and see everyone walking around in green. Hmmm…  Then my neighbor tells me, there is a parade that day. I think, oh, ok, cool. Maybe we can see a bit of it from our corner…  Oh no deary! As I later figure out, we are the beginning of the parade route! Our exit route is completely blocked by Police cars and green folk.


We set the plumbers up in the garage and head out to see the festivities.


We found out later there were 236 groups in the parade! Two Hundred and Thirty Six!!!  Do you know how long it takes for 236 groups to exit the staging ground? And the parade stops everyone once in a while to the major thorough fairs can be flowed thru the city. It started at 10am – and was not over at 12:30… We gave up and went for Hamburgers at Hamburger Mary’s with a neighbor we met!


It was fun, but we would definitely like to be made aware that our neighborhood becomes the staging ground and parade route!


Some of the most interesting/strange/etc groups in the parade:

The German group

The yellow cabs

The long horn steers (not tied up, free range as it were)

Salsa Dancers

Hare Krishnas

Parrot Heads (good excuse to drink…)