So Cal weekend!

This past weekend I headed to So Cal. My dear friend C was having a baby shower. I know, I hate baby showers! But it was a good excuse to head to So Cal and see some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and she has done a lot for me over the years! And hubby was going to be out of town anyway! As the time grew closer I got a call from B – the hubby of C. C was in the hospital on bed rest. Talk about serious bed rest. They seemed optimistic. B asked if I wanted to post pone the visit. I figured why not just head out! I could get private time with C and not have to go to the baby shower! What more could someone as evil as I ask for?


Friday as I was making my way thru the day waiting for my flight, I got an email. It was labeled family photo…  It was C and B and their two new teeny tiny babies! Everyone looked great! I was surprised! Wow- new babies!  They were 3 pounds a piece! Guess I would be visiting more than just C in the hospital!


The weekend started with Kim and I and her new Man on Friday night at the curry houseI did the vegetable curry with ice tea – always ice tea – cause they have liquid sugar to sweeten it! Mmmmmm!  It was nice to meet the man in Kim’s life! He seemed nice! Yeah!

Saturday Kim made a lovely sausage puff type thing for breakfast! It was quite tasty! What service eh?

Then we headed off to see my kids!

We took them for a walk, saw some old neighbors, even the mail lady!  (sounds weird, but I attended the wedding of the mail lady, so she’s also a good friend!) We spent some quality licking time together!


According to their dad, when he returned home later that night they were “overly” excited as if they were trying to tell them that momma stopped by! Very sweet!


Next was more food! We ate at jack-in-the-box!! Chicken Fajita Pita with curly fries!


Finally we stopped at the hospital to see the new additions to C and B’s family! They were locked away in NICU so we scrubbed up and were able to see them in their little incubators! So little! C offered to let us touch them, since we had scrubbed up. I declined! Good lord, the pressure was too great- what if I touched them too hard, or didn’t wash up enough or…  So no, I didn’t touch them! Hands locked behind my back so I wouldn’t touch anything!


After cake –



We headed south for some pampering at Burke Williams


Kim and I love food, pampering, and Disney – it was a great weekend!


After our pampering session if was time for more food! This time it was Coyote Grill

Longostino Tacos! Ceviche and Margaritas! Mmmmm! Kim’s man came with us again which was great! He picked the ceviche!

After all that activity I was pooped by 9pm!


Sunday we did our normal Disney thang – Breakfast at Carnation Café – then into the park! Space Mountain, Indiana Joes, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Light Year, wishes at the well by Snow White, and the Tiki Room (my favorite) and of course – a Dole Whip – pinapple soft serve ice cream… OMG!,


We met up with my friend Eric at House of Blues! (see, it’s all about the food!). I wanted to get replenish my hot sauce supply, but I had decided to not check my bag so I couldn’t buy any…. 

We had a great meal and it was nice to catch up with Eric!


After Disney, we had to run a couple more errands! We had to hit Trader Joe’s for my supply of nuts and treats! And then we hit some of the new malls in the area!


It was great day and I really miss hanging out with kim!