My own language.

It has finally come to my attention that I make up words.Hubby has been attempting to get a translation program since we met, but to noavail!

(I’m sure my mom and sister can attest to my ability to speak weird as well)


Today I used the word Stukee in a sentence to a couple of co-workers in an email.


"Phil, you can make the Bob the stuckee for the web class."


Hence forth I received an email – "What the heck is a stuckee?"


I was taken aback. I mean, Word doesn’t recognize it, but I figured it was still clear enough. How wrong was I?


My reply – "Why it’s there person who gets stuck with doing whatever task the other doesn’t want to do!"


I have a multitude of other verbiage that I spew on a daily basis. Some has invaded my co-workers vocabulary and his wife now gets aggravated with him for his strange replies and weird word use!


Have you hear of stukee before? Or can I claim it as all my own!

2 thoughts on “My own language.

  1. Where HAVE they been that they don’t get your "speak"??
    Although I think you can claim "stukeee"
    as your very question!! On the other hand, amazingly,
    I knew what you meant!!

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