Mental Health Day

I got a sweet deal on a room on the slopes at Breckenridge for Sunday night, so I requested the day off from the powers that be and booked it! Hubby and I headed up late morning on Sunday, checked in around noon and our room was ready – woohoo! So we put our stuff in the room and then went out to the slopes! It was an absolutely marvelous day! Sunny, blue skies! You could see what was supposed to be a storm sitting over the mountains. We did our normal 2 hour jaunt on the slopes! Hubby was feeling more confident and I was enjoying the soft snow! It was a great afternoon!


We snacked at the bar – gotta try the salsa at the bar the Great Divide Lodge – and then napped! Lovely nap!


Dinner we decided on Chinese! We tried Tokyo Taipe on the recommendation of our hostess at the hotel. For me it was not the best recommendation. Hubby enjoyed his orange chicken. (But remember I’m an east coast crazy Americanized Chinese food type of gal).


Sunday we awoke around 8am – wow! I really slept in – but not really if you include the time change in there!  ;)


We skied till 10:30, checked out and headed back home!

I napped more and lounged around in my jammies!

It was a lovely weekend! Laptop free! And I even left the blackberry at home!

It was a time to relax andre-connect!






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