Gotta give kudos where kudos are due!


As you may know we downsized when we moved downtown. I think the biggest drama is going from having a good sized office and a guest room to a small office with a modular couch thrown into the mix! I was talking with Kim the other day about what do with all the dang pillows! Who knew we had so many and what do we do with them? The couch itself came with 4 little ones plus the big ones that make up the cushy back of it! Kim said – use those space saver vacuum bags. I laughed .You mean the ones on the commercials? She said, yeah, seems silly and the commercials are stupid but they really really work! She even squished and then unsquished to see if they ruined her stuff. Everything was just dandy.


So I put it on our list of things to buy! We found them in Target after searching every department – they are by the plastic boxes after the furniture section! In case anyone else is in need!


We gave it a go, with the big old down comforter, 2 pillows, 2 sheets sets…  And gosh darn if it didn’t work like a charm! WOW!


We have the comforter stored behind the couch, the pillows in the closet all nice and flat and the sheets stacked nicely in the linen closet! It’s great! Some day the whole house will be put away, but for now everything that can squish will be squished!

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