Charging for luggage

Just the idea of it puts my teeth on edge…  I mean, the airelines generally lose between 15 and 40% of all bags, and they want to charge for that service? Heh? Ok, maybe it’s not that high, it just seems like it is – “The top 20 domestic airlines mishandled 7.92 checked bags per 1,000 passengers”


But really, they already jack you on the price of the flight, the option of canceling at the last minute, the 50% chance it will be on time, the ability to pull away from the gate early (so sad if you are right on time), make you pay for food (although the options have greatly improved this way), no free entertainment, smaller and smaller seats and knee room…  need I go on?  Now they are going to make you pay for your second bag?


I know what will happen – everything will drag their second bag through security and either try and stuff it in the over cramped overheads or gate check. I’d do that. I’d probably just volunteer to gate check, just to avoid the hassle of the over heads.


It really burns my butt. I usually take just 1 bag. 2 at Christmas – presents – duh! So you would think my average would work itself out, no? No.


Living in Denver, and United have this city as it’s hub – what about all the people coming to ski? At $50 bucks a bag (round trip) – so your ski’s $50 – it would be cheaper to rent. Your boot bag – $50 – hmmm. You ski clothes – cause guess what it’s dang cold and for peets sake you are on vacation – yup another $50 – holy crap – guess y’all should have stayed home or maybe driven? Would gas cost that much?


I’m pretty miffed about the whole dang thing as you can tell.


I did find a couple good articles:

This one started this rant

And this one was interesting 

And some thoughts on other options to get your baggage there:

“For those who don’t mind paying for convenience, companies with names like Luggage Express, Luggage Forward and Virtual Bellhop will pick up and deliver bags, bypassing the airline baggage system altogether. Prices vary depending on a bag’s weight, destination and shipping time.”


Whole article here