Bags and shoes!

Getting ready to travel!


I’ve finally got all my appropriate travel bags! I needed a new “purse”, bag for sight seeing, and cruising around the towns. Another for on the plane. Something that will hold a pair of undies, snacks, a blanket, and the ipod etc. And I also decided to go for a rolling duffle as opposed to a suite case for cruising thru !


Here are my choices!




Carry on:




The other dilemma I had, was shoes! I didn’t want to look like an American – ok, so knowing me and my blond hair and me being me, it’s a long shot, but might as well give it a shot!


Here are my 2 final choices!

2 thoughts on “Bags and shoes!

  1. Love the accessories!
    ( Americans are spotted by their "white tennis shoes"!)
    You should blend right in with the natives with your cute stuff!

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