I started a puzzle one night. Hubby got me one of those special puzzle saver things. It’s a felt mat that rolls around a cardboard tube with elastic bands to hold everything in place. So you can puzzle, put away and then continue.


The night before hubby left for his conference I took out the puzzle. We had had a nice couple glasses if wine with dinner and it was something to get the brain going. I should not have done that. Friday hubby left for the airport and I was feeling icky so I sat down to play with the puzzle. Eventually I had to tear myself away to get some work done. At 5pm – work day was done, I sat again in front of the puzzle. At 10pm hubby called to check in. I had not moved or spoken or apparently swallowed… I could barely get a work out! Very humorous. Saturday morning I got up with all kinds of plans. Again… in front of the puzzle. 3 American Justice’s and a Cold Case later…  I went and did the bills and met friends for dinner but was thrilled as punch to be back in time for a good night with the puzzle. By this point I’ve gotten to the sky… ick.  Sunday I get up, again with big plans to go to the gym, get some ugly shoes for Italy, laundry, get ready for my weekend in so. Cal  Puzzle it is! I drag myself away knowing I need to do all the errands and be back by the house to drive to dinner by 4:30. Uh oh…  I return home from dinner with plenty of time for the puzzle. But now… it’s a thing. I MUST FINISH BEFORE BED. Uh oh.  Did I mention the puzzle is also in the place in the house with THE worst lighting? So the pink sky is not so much shading as just one pink mass to me? (Yes I realize I have a really cool travel matt that this puzzle is on, but then I can’t “watch” TV at the same time) At this point I have stacked all the pink pieces of the puzzle by shape and am going around simply trying to find the one that fits the spot. I did finish by 10:45 pm! WOOHOO!


So, no more puzzles when I have things to do. Or at least not 1000 piece ones with ½ sky and ½ water!

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