The Cheese is up!

Some might know, some might remember, my dear friend created this work of art called "The Cheese".

An installation piece that  is just something fun to look at and enjoy.

When I first moved in with hubby, before he was hubby, we "hosted" the piece so that the artist could move around freely without be encumbered by her large art work. Then we moved to Colorado and took it with us. Then the artist and her boyfriend who we fondly refer to as Jesus (you have to see him – super skinny, long dark hair in a pony tail at the base of the skull and flip flops that are nearly worn thru that he is never without) got engaged. So we decided a fabulous present to them would be to buy it… And we are glad we did, since we would be very sad to not have this work in our house!

Now we have moved again, and the artist is not close enough to come and rehang. So hubby and I did our best. We think it looks pretty darn cool! She is pretty particular that it not be in a straight line or cutsie – which of course is super difficult for me! So we have it crawling from the dining room, around the corner into the kitchen and a couple little guys in the hidden walls behind. Pictures don’t do it justice, but it really is some great work and we did a good job putting it up!


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