Single Tandem Garage Drama

It turns out that a single car width garage is pretty darn small.  We need room on one side for the trash can. On the walls for tables, bike racks, umbrellas, etc. Hubby and I park differently. I tend to head to the left, and then correct so that my back end does not scratch against the trashcan and therefore leave long scratches down the back panel of my fabulous new car. Hubby tends to do his turn a little differently. On Saturday he managed to do a nice scrape along the trashcan. I cringed and he felt bad. Next time out, he attempted to park more like me….  He bumped the garage frame with the front left bumper of my precious fabulous new black shiny vehicle…  sigh…

So now I need to get that fixed.  I was very sad. To make it even better, last weekend I noticed that some one had had slammed their car door into my car door. So I also have a nice chip out of my door. Grrrr…..


One thought on “Single Tandem Garage Drama

  1. Ooooh.that is so sad:-( i would have cried gigantic tears.
    Maybe they should bring back those "springie thingies"
    I had for the tires on my first car so I wouldn’t get my whitewalls
    dirty, scraping on the curbing :-)
    I have a 2×4 now to keep me from slamming into my freezer.
    Now I need something on the side to leave room by the steps ….hmmm a bell maybe
    Whatever works!

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