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Our Valentines!

Hubby and I had a nice low key Valentine’s Day. I prefer to stay home and eat badly than brave the crowds, get stuck with a fixed menu, and then get rushed!

We had baked brie, mini quiches, hummus, spreadable cheese, crackers and pita chips! It was lovely! We got educated with Alton Brown – all about honey, How’s it Made – we learned how curling stones, aluminum bats and fridges are made – soooo amazing, and of course no romantic evening is complete without a ½ hour of the little people!


Hubby also got for me a lovely ring that says in Italian – my heart is yours forever, and inside it is in English in case I forget – which I just did, as I was typing it! It’s really pretty, shiny, and makes me feel all warm inside!


He also got me a very pretty heart pendant made out of highly polished sand!


I love them both!

And he got me a card which made reference to my chilly feet! How funny is that?


It was a lovely evening to be topped off by skiing tomorrow with an overnight at a fancy hotel down town! Woohoo!


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That’s a really Happy Valentine Day.
Nothing missing there

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