My first venture into Restaurant week was NoRTH. I went with my "foodie" friends!


I went with the fresh mozzarella – nummy! But really can yougo wrong with fresh mozzarella? The neat surprise was the olive oil soakedbread in the bowl! All the flavors were really tasty. Second course I went withthe strozzapreti – added chicken! I was really delicious. Good flavors andsuper filling! I’ll be having lunch for sure! The final course was the NutellaMouse Cake. It was tastey – but I’m not a huge fan of the flowerless cake – so…  All in all it was a very enjoyable meal. The wait staff was excellent and attentive. The wine suggestions were great and weweren’t rushed even thought it was a Saturday night and we were doing the 5280 menu! (although after the wine and adding chicken and scallops to our pasta i was double the original idea!) Not sure i’d go back, but i had a nice time!