My very own puppy chow commercial!


Each meal time we get our very own puppy chow commercial. We have been attempting to enforce the alpha dog process in the house hold. Therefore the bubbahs have to sit “outside” the kitchen while we prepare the meal. I instituted this when Phillip would always be under foot and have his head in the food bucket. It works pretty well.


Obviously with the new house and the open, really open floor plan – “OUT” of the kitchen can be taken in a number of ways. Hubby and I decided the chair in the living room would be considered the boundary. So we back them “out” to that point. Make them sit and wait while we make the meal for them. Another feature of our open floor plan is the end to end wood floors. Try as they might the bubbahs just can’t sit still. Gravity pulls their piece apart! It is pretty funny to watch!

So the “out” and “sit” has progressed to “out”, “sit”, and “down” and sometimes (I said down damint!)


They lie on pins and needle while we dig out the food, open the green beans can, drain the green beans, heat the water, swirl for the stew, add in the vitamin E pills, pour on the Juice plus for dogs, then…  still more waiting while we walk around the counter. I try to make them wait for a while more while I stand with their food, not looking at them…


Finally I say the magic word – OK.


And that begins the hilarity! Remember the wood floors? Well now they have to get up and are soooo excited about meal time that they do the run in place while their feet attempt to find grip on the floor. Again hysterical to watch!


The rest is still more alpha training. Phillip goes first cause he’s supposed to be the alpha.

Terrance has to wait his turn.


Phillip is just so excited that is it meal time! He drools, sometimes forgets that he has to sit, take kibbels and then when I say ok he gets to eat.


Terrance on the other hand is actually our little expert. I think he just finds his brother’s stupidity about meal time demeaning!


As much as we think we have them trained, it really is justabout when they feel like behaving!


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