Movers are still terrible!

The whole story is here – if you missed it!

After playing phone tag and being jerked around by the mover’s “claims department” (Claims Department is one guy – with a Russian accent and fake charm) informed me that due to the small print and checkbox that they rushed hubby thru signing that there would be the 60 cents a pound result.

After having to sit through his claiming to be on my side, his desire to give me the money for my fridge if he could, but there was “just nothing he could do”, he finally stopped talking and I asked him to simply send out the check.

That was the second week in January. Now it is February. And my really cool fridge isn’t working, still.

I called a couple time asking for the claims department, and as usual he was away, on vacation, busy, not in the office… etc etc etc…

Finally I call and he by chance answers the phone. I say “Is this he”, and he has the balls to say – “No!”
Are you kidding me?
I am put on hold for an inordinate amount of time
The main secretary finally comes on the line and is all happy to hear from me. Well hello Nicole. How are you? Blah blah blah.

She says – oh, we mailed that check weeks ago.
I feign surprise and ask if perhaps we can verify the address.
And of course the file has been put in the warehouse and she’ll have to go find it, but she’ll call me right back.

Shocker that she never got back to me today. Sigh.

I really hate being lied to and I really really hate Spirit Relocation and would suggest if you are moving within Colordo to not use them