Clean Desk


I’m a stacker. I’m a rainy day planner. I like information. I like to have information at my finger tips.


That being said. My desk usually has stacks. Different things for future reference, things to be dealt with “eventually”, things to deal with sooner, and just things.


Lately I have had at least 2 people come to my desk and make comments about the state of my desk. I tend to take it to heart. I mean I don’t come to your home walk in and go DAMN, your place is a mess! My desk, at work is my home away from home. (I guess i should have taken it that since 2 people notice my clutter i should do something about it, but nooooo – that’s not me!)


Does it hurt you if I have papers on my desk? Does it make more sense to pay me an hourly rate to clean my desk or to get the dang job done?


In all honesty I don’t really notice what others have on their desks. Why should they notice mine?


Are you a clutter-er, neat freak or something else?

2 thoughts on “Clean Desk

  1. Clean desks are a symptom of an empty mind.
    There is nothing empty about my mind….. or yours!!!
    Although when I can see my desk top, it makes me smile….. an imbecilic smile!
    Amazing what some people think is their business.
    My favorite comeback to stupid, nosy, tactless people is…really, I was too busy to notice!!

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