Yetta another new office!

You might recall that when we moved into the house in Colorado we had an office built in to accommodate hubby working from home and me needing filing room! It was great! Until we decided to move and call in the original company who promised it was fully moveable. Well – California Closets – LIED!!! It’s movable all right but it will cost you more to move it and modify it than to build a new version.

So we went with the people that built our cabinets in the garage! Out of Sight Cabinets! They rock! The same guy that designed our garage also came and designed our office here in Denver! He’s very down to earth and tries to save money for the customer whenever he can!

Here’s the room with our new office! I’m not positive I love it yet – I have to get used to a smaller surface area – we had to go with 23 inches because of the closet door, but I think with a couple tweeks it will be A-OK! I think if i get a topper for my top drawer on my file cabinet, then i can work from home with ease and my very own mini L shaped desk!  Next on our list is adding drawers to the bathroom and doing the closets! Also might add some small shelves above hubby’s side for his robot (yes he is a grown man) collection! Gotta do what i can to keep it from spreading to the rest of the house!


The bookcase is what you see straight from the door, and then the rest is as you pan to the right side!

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