Yeta another embarrassing moment!

I got a lovely blue cotton shirt for Christmas this year! Great color! Makes my eyes look great!!! I decided I would wear it today! The weather was warmer today! As I walked to work all bundled up in my fancy big fuzzy white scarf and my wool jacket I started to feel a bit warmer. It didn’t think much of it, since my cheeks were still all cool and it was still dark out (I had to be there really early!). I popped into Starbucks and unzipped my jacket… and too my horror… I had sweated in a mighty humorous pattern! It looked like I was lactating A LOT!

Lucky for me, this lovely cotton shirt dried very quickly. Whew! That could have been a very embarrassing client meeting!

One thought on “Yeta another embarrassing moment!

  1. Oh my. Don’t feel bad.. Last year I was in a VERY crowded coffee shop and I spilled an entire large coffee down the fruit of
    sweater and onto my jeans. I was with people who wanted to finish eating before they left so I had to see there while people
    stared, wringing wet and reeking of coffee. Have a great week!

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