Welcome 2008!


We celebrated with some friends. We ate some super yummy food, tortilla soup a la Aunt Linda, cheeses, home made summer sausage, and tasty wine! We were home by 11:30 and in bed watching the fireworks over Denver by midnight, asleep by 12:05! Some of the bigger building blocked most of our good view, but we did see some! Probably would have seen more from the roof, but jammies and 19 degrees is not my idea of a good time!

We awoke to 2008 still sick!
Hubby is achy and I’m sniffly. We have yet to make it to the gym since we moved, and now we’ll have to contend with all the resolutioners! Sigh. Hopefully they’ll figure out it’s not going to work and they’ll leave shortly! I appreciate the effort really, but if you are taking a machine that I could be on and you’re not going to actually do anything worth while… really, I need it more than you!

Today we’ll be working on the house some more. I’ll be doing more bills and we’ll be getting used to writing 2008 on everything!

Hope the new year starts with a bang for all of you as well!