We were in the same state!

My friend Stina and I are never in the same state at the same time. I explained before, but my in-laws live in her state and her in-laws live in mine! But whenever I go there, she’s off visiting her parents on the east coast. And per requirements – whenever she comes to my state I’m off visiting my parents on the east coast! This year we did it!
She arrived before I headed to the great green east, and stayed till after the new year! We managed one short visit! It sure was nice to catch up! See how she is doing. How big the kids are – dang to those things grow fast. Meet the newest member of her clan!

We cruised up to Boulder, enjoyed a walk down pearl, and had some tea! Fun fun!

I miss stina! We’ve been best friends since high school! It was a nice visit and I hope to make time for another one soon!


2 thoughts on “We were in the same state!

  1. The planets must have converged in some weird sort of cosmic way for you and Stina to be in the same state at the same time!! She hasn’t changed a bit!
    Glad you had time with her!!

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