Tandem Success

Since the move to Denver we have not been able to get both cars in the garage because of many factors – we both being out of town, the kiln not in yet, the freezer in the middle of the garage due to the whole garage being GFI plugs except for the garage door… Well hubby had enough, since it was his car getting covered with gook!

We spent about 4 hours moving, combining, organizing, and dumping and came up with this:


Studio will be on the right hand side from the kiln back. Wall slightly forward of that will be counter for me and hubby to share (how do you think that will go?)


And alas – here are the cars all snug and dry!

Next plan is hooks in the walls, over head mesh things to hold stuff up and out of the way,  to build ourselves some cabinets for the wall, and to find and electrician to get me a 220 for the kiln and a plumber to do the plumbing for my sink! Fingers crossed!

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