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As many of you know, I am a certified Aerobics Instructor. To keep my cert current and not have to redo all the awful testing, you have to do a certain number of CEU’s per 2 year period. That includes your CPR. Well it was that time again!

I of course waited almost too long, so had to quickly find a class. Luckily the Red Cross is down town and offers a ton of these classes! Yeah me! Hubby said he’d like to join me. Hmmm… Wow, ok!

So we find a weeknight that works for us. We arrive late. Of course. I’m always having to do one thing more at work, we needed to stop by the bank, the place was hard to find, the front door was locked, the class room was no-where in sight… So we arrived just as class was introducing themselves. It was a full 10 people too – how weird! I’m not used to that kind of attendance! Unfortunately we were unable to sit together, so that was a bummer.

As class went on I was shocked at the changes. I knew the breath to chest compression had changed, but the lack of direction they give now is unbelievable to me. They don’t do the 2 fingers up from the sternum for hand placement on the chest, they simply say middle of the chest. Hunh? They also did do the addition that I liked which was to indicate which pers on was to go for help. Not just say – someone go for help. There were some other things that were missing and had it simply been a recertification for all I would have been fine with it, but since it was Hubby’s first time, I was a little disappointed there was not more for his gain.

The new stuff, was learning about the Automatic Defibrillator! All in all, not that necessary since most speak you through the whole shebang. And this instructor actually went into detail about what happens when you do CPR – how the sternum breaks and that there are gross sounds etc etc etc. As if I was going to do CPR anyway… this really cinched the deal.

A funny was the fact that in all the video’s everyone had on rubber gloves! Even in an "emergency" situation. We also really liked when they were demonstrating on the video how to start the AED that you should put your palm out, wave from side to side and say  "Stay back – analyzing, Stay back"

I’m not sure if my experience was due to the fact that I am normally going through the American Heart association, but I was disappointed in the quality of the class.

One thought on “Save a life!

  1. AHA is far more comprehensive because professionals must take that one….so keeps the instructors in line…no short cuts!
    But I guess a poor class is better than no class if it saves one child, relative or friend because someone took the class.
    Chalk it up to experience and go back to AHA next time:-)

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