Phillip the drunk!

Phillip has a tail that won’t quit! He can slam it against the floor, corners, sharp thing, anything and it doesn’t phase him!

He’s just happy and he lets you know it!

Last night hubby was trying a glass of port from a bottle that had been opened mid December. So this stuff was potent.

He set the glass on the “coffee table”.

Enter Phillip stage left… He’s happy as can be and he let’s you know it!

Over goes the glass of port. Sigh.
Luckily the glass stays in tact. Whew.

As usually with anything that hits the ground, the boys start cleaning up. Food – Glorious Food!

We tend to approve of this habit since it allows up to clean less! ?

Well, it appears port, even a small glass, was a bit much for poor phillip.
He started shaking his head. Looking at us with one droopy ear – as if to say – get the damn thing off!

The he started flopping on his back and squishing up his face with his paws and just doing all kinds of crazy things! Poor bubbah had a buzz! We are guessing his head felt fuzzy – and not knowing that it was inside his head, he was attempting to get it off!

Eventaully he dropped off into a drunken sleep and woke this morning with a bit of a hangover!

We realized a little too late that wine is make from grapes and grapes can be deadly to dogs… I knew the grape thing from before, but my brain didn’t connect the two in time. He was none the worse for the wear and we are pretty sure didn’t learn anything!

Phillip did receive and extra meal to fill up his belly in hope of “soaking up” the offending liquid! So he was pretty stoked!

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