Grown up furniture!

Before the move we got rid of quite a bit of furniture. One of the pieces was a very large, very usable coffee table. We didn’t realize just how much of a use this thing got. In it’s place we have been using a quaint little table that my parents had when they first got married. It’s all curvy, about 2 feet wide, and had holes on the top to play cribbage! Needless to say – our ability to eat in front of the tv is quite limited by this item! :)

We’ve got to a few stores, looked on line at our favorite – Target, and Overstock! But to no avail. Since there is a Kacy’s near our house – I know, I said I’d boycott it – we decided to stop in anyway. 8 floors of stuff. So we ended up picking these items:

Coffee table – love the storage options! Each ottoman’s top comes off and has storage! And the middle goes all the way thru! And the drawer goes both ways! Woohoo!

End table – love the middle drawer – I’m envisioning galvanized buckets to hold and hide stuff on the shelves!

It all arrives Thursday – we can’t wait!

Here were the runners up:

The one with glass looked really cool – but no ability to eat on it. End tables almost match our choice, but it was a bit too dark. And the last coffee table just didn’t match the rest of the wood in the place. 

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