Almost Thursday Thirteen

The following are companies or stores that we boycott (We aren’t up to 13 yet, so if you have any, state your case!)

Best Buy – appliance delivery drama!
Office Depot – for being butt heads about people advertising ahead of time for them.
California Closet – for promising that our fully built in office was totally modular – big fat frickin lie (story to come)
Aaron Brothers – they withhold student discount unless you look like a student
Burger King – don’t honor coupons and when you call customer service (which isn’t an 800 number) you get ignored and put down
Kacy Fine Furnishings – friends of ours shopped here years ago and were ignored because they looked like they might not have any money.
American Furniture Warehouse – I hate this store. I always think I’ll find something, I never do. And we even had drama when we did find something we wanted to buy.
Direct TV – the whole drama with promising me that their DVR was exactly the same as tivo and then not allowing me to return the stupid drv when that was 100% false!