What an ending of the week

Thursday afternoon in Wisconsin it is decided that the client was happy with our progress and I could return home earlier than planned! Yeah me! Unfortunately it was at 2:45 and the last flight out is at 4:50… So I would be spending the night and trying to go stand by on the 5am flight.

I set the alarm for 3am and hoped I’d be able to wake up!
It had been snowing when I went to bed and I had my fingers crossed it would be done by the time 3am rolled around!
I woke up to no more snow falling and back hoes clearing the near by parking lots! Yeah me!
I pack up, and hit the highway. The right lane is pretty clear which is good!
There are a lot of trucks at 3:30, 4am in the morning. That isn’t as much fun as you would think!

I manage to pass one truck and determine that the right lane isn’t too bad.

Then I need to pass a second truck. I slow down, and head into the right lane. And then… There is suddenly a butt load of snow in that lane. I take my foot off the gas, start my mantra – uh oh uh oh uh oh….
Then it happens. The car abruptly does a 180 and then it flips over to the right! I can hear the Maroon 5 song in my head… I landed on all 4 tires, and nothing was crushed. Everything in the car went everywhere. All my phones were out of reach, once I was up rights and figured out nothing was damaged on me!

I was pulled out of the median by the local AAA tow truck driver. He left me in the car as he was dragging me through the snow. It was a little disconcerting! At one point he had the car across both lanes attempting to straighten in and pull it up onto the tow truck. Not a good feeling to be in a car, not moving, facing 2 lanes of on-coming traffic!

We towed the vehicle to the airport and placed it into it’s return spot! That was hysterical! I filled out the incident support – don’t worry!

So, I missed the 5am flight.. I headed up to the ticket counter, hoping to maybe make the 9am for stand by. The ticket counter agent was wonderful and very helpful. We started going through the steps on the machine and she noticed that the 7am was not available for me to pick as standby. I told her that I was having a heck of a morning, that I had rolled the rental car really just wanted to go home! She took pity on me, and at 6:30am booked me on the 7am, took my luggage, and even made sure I had a seat on the connecting flight into Denver! Yeah them!

I made it to Denver by 11am, and was eating lunch with my Dad by noon.

I’m really glad that this week is almost over!