Virginia Wine Tasting!

We headed off yesterday afternoon to sample the yummies of Virginia wine country!
We had a wonderful time cruising thru the country side. Although any trip from my sister’s house includes going through the country side! Did I mention that she lives in the middle of no-where?

We decided it would be a fabulous time in the fall with the leave’s changing colors!
We also heard about a place Hot Tub Heaven
Might have to check it out!

We started at Linden… But they weren’t open. Lucky for us there was a sign for Fox Meadow on our way, so we meandered over there! What a fabulous place! Great views, wonderful tasting room – and… some really kick butt wines!

We liked the following:
2006 FMV Chardonnay (steel drum)
Freezland Red – super duper yummy chilled (good with spicy foods)
2005 FMW Cabernet Franc (produced with other vinyard’s grapes)

Then we headed east to
Naked Mountain
We liked the
2006 Chardonnay Riesling – what a fabulous taste
2004 Merlot – great taste. Can’t wait to get that home

Off again to the north and to
Piedmont Vineyards and Winery
We didn’t like the regular wines, but we did like the different ones:
Little River Peach – great with deserts and sweet stuff
Felicita – great desert wine. Not too orangy!

And finally to
Chrysalis Wines
We didn’t fall in love with much here except for the:
Sarah’s Patio White – wonderful sweet wine for the summer! Or any time- maybe if the fire is roaring!

It was a fun afternoon and now we just have to find a way to ship it back to Colorado since most small Virginia wineries can’t ship to us. Sigh! I might have to become a distributer just so I can get my wine!