More drama!

I awake Saturday morning to, yup you guessed it, snow! It was my final craft fair of the year, so I had to make the trek south. I was pretty nervous but figured I’d get back on the horse and overcome my fear!

I arrived with plenty of time to spare! I set up my funky shaped booth – it was a long triangle! I found my other friends that were there selling their wares! Callie’s Barkery (hand made dog treats) and Tish with Salt City Candles! My room had a woman that sold dragons and fairings, and another woman that had super cute stuff for little girls.

As the day progressed my Dragon neighbor became more outgoing. Her mouth was running, her language degrading, and her attitude in the gutter! After a while she offered me some Vodka and lemonade!

Dragon Lady: Hey, you want some vodka and lemonade?
Me: no thanks
Dragon Lady: No for real, I have it right here
Me: thanks, but I have to drive later
DL: you’ll sober up before you have to drive
Me: thanks, but it’ll put me to sleep
DL: pussy
Me: yup, you got me!

She was swearing in front of families with children, treating people poorly, yet still making sales. Go figure!
It was my entertainment for the day!

I ended the day with 0 sales. I did manage to trade 1 item with a woman at another table! I got a hand painted plate, she got a blue bowl!

As the day had worn on, it had continued to snow. The roads were absolute garbage by the time I had to leave. I was super freaked out!

I managed to get to the highway without incident! My great big bohemouth did great!

The highway back up to Denver was pretty slow going… 35-45 the whole way. I called my friend kim to keep my mind off the slick roads and my brain playing tricks on me!

I got home in just under an hour.

Hubby and I went to one of the local haunts. We had a couple beers and some appetizers! That was great… then as we headed back to the townhouse and I managed to fall down the stairs… Sigh…

Good lord… This idea of bad things come in threes have gone hay wire and it appears to be at about 35 for me and counting…

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  1. OMG,hope you don’t have too many bruises! This is a new week….all the
    bad stuff moves on to the next poor soul….honest!

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