Heathen’s in the house!


We were tricked into church today! My sister and mother wanted us to see the children do their pagent. Sigh.

We got up mostly on time. Arrived before they shut the doors.
The service was amusing. Children did well. Funniest part was the little boy with the drum attempting to return from whence he came once he figured out that everyone in church was going to be watching him walk down the aisle! Cutest part was the itty bitty angels with the little halos over their heads made from tinsel!

Luckily it’s the smallest church ever, so communion didn’t last too long! We did receive brownie points for sitting thru the whole thing though! Woohoo!

We spent the afternoon at the movies. Us to I am Legend, them to National Treasure 2.
We enjoyed our movie. The scary part was due to anticipation rather than scary creatures. They enjoyed theirs. Tons of history and what not!

Tomorrow I placate my sister yet again and will attend Jazzercise with her. She needs extra points to win a t-shirt. Last time I recall doing Jazzercise I recall hating it. Cross your fingers! If it goes really really wrong, I’ll grab hubby and we’ll got find another gym to sweat at!