Christmas time is here again!

Vacation has started! I ended the work day numerous times yesterday! First when I had all my work done, then again when I put on my out of office, then again when I attempted to figure out how to put in my time for next week and finally around 5:30 after the last call from the client!

Traveling at Christmas with the masses – excuse the French – sucks.
I hate to be a snob, but really people that never fly but at Christmas time burns my butt!
They don’t understand how the security line works so they make that go slower, the don’t know electronic check in works, so they end up in the wrong line and make everyone else’s experience worse. The bring too much stuff onto the plane, annoy the flight attendants and me! I know, I know, tell us how you really feel Nicole!

Today I was sitting in the boarding area, hubby was off making a phone call so his seat was partially empty, and then his bags were on the seat next to that. I was reading and not paying attention to the masses as best I could. A woman is wandering around with her – Mama. She asked me who was sitting next to me, was it taken – I said yes, my husband was. I didn’t really look up – I mean really, if you didn’t get there on time, no seat for you – it’s like the soup natzi on Seinfeld! Then she asks the gentleman on the other side of my husbands bags who’s stuff that is, in a pretty accusatory voice – he replies – I dunno. I reply those are my husband’s items. She looks at me – well I don’t have anywhere to sit. Seriously do I give a shit? I look at her for a moment and then reach across and move hubby’s items. At this point it is about 7 minutes till boarding. Could she not have stood for a moment or 2? People suck.

Flight was not too bad. We did have a baby across the aisle, but luckily he was a bubbly sort. Still made too much noise for my happiness and his parents didn’t change his diaper till I could tell it needed changing, but it was ok!

We made it to DC, thru the traffic out to the middle of no-where. Time to relax and do nothing for a week or so! Happy traveling to all and to all a good night!

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  1. This can’t be the sweet little Nicole I knew on Coronado Lane. This gal must have had a cookie failure in the kitchen…(or it was that time of the month again :-) ) Oh well.. what the hell.. Merry Christmas anyway..

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