Birthday complete!

Because I am now old, ;) I awoke with the strep! I couldn’t swallow, my nodes were huge, my throat hurt, I had the chills… sigh… So I bundled myself up and found a walk-in clinic and got some good drugs! But dangit if I was canceling the evening!

The chef arrived around 2:45 with all her accouterments in tow! She had a little cooler, cutting boards, spices, a timer and even her own trash can! WOW!
She was fully contained!

She started into her cooking and prepping etc! Very cool and my house smelled amazing! She was the first to use the oven! Woohoo! (unless dad did when he was stuck here)

Everything turned out amazing! Everything was complete by about 5 minutes after everyone started to arrive! It all looked amazing and tasted fabulous! We still have plenty of leftovers- you wanna try some?

We had a total of 11 people – probably a bit much for the house, but I think we all had fun! There were our camping buddies, our monthly dinner buddies, my pilates instructor and hubby buddies, our neighbor, our image consultant, and our old co-workers! I’m pretty sure that almost everyone brought me wine! Am I really that much of a lush? Well… yeah, I am! So I’m excited to try them all! My image consultant is fresh from Paris, so she got me a fashionable, warm scarf for my walk to work! She also showed me how to put it on correctly! Cause, yes, I need that kind of help! My old co-worker friends got me a really funny book about sight and age! Very funny! They are quite the funny ones!

It was a lovely evening! I didn’t succumb to my sickness for the whole night! Our neighbor was sweet enough to stay and help clean up! She rummaged through my Tupperware for just the right containers! Such a doll!

Here’s to more evenings of friends and frivolity!

Pictures of the cake will be up if I can ever find the cord…. Office is still 100% in boxes… sigh.