Best Buy Sucks!!!

(Sorry for the language, mom)

It all started back when we moved. It took 3 layers of customer service to finally get them to come and remove the offending washer from my house. They wanted to charge me a $35 return fee. I said that would not be acceptable. They said, but the delivery guys were there 2 times. I indicted indeed they were. The first time before the delivery window, the second time after the delivery window. Not really my problem. At that point she didn’t have a leg to stand on! So they “waived” the return fee. The workers that came to remove it were appalled that the previous delivery guys were so incompetent. They even gave my dad a card of where to send complaints!

Recently I reveiced my “bill” from the Best Buy Credit card. I was a little nervous that they might have messed that up. I was correct. I called the 800 number and low and behold my balance was still the total of the washer and now a finance charge! ARG!!!!
I spoke with a representative that was very nice and from his quickness to enter a disbute on my behalf, it alerted me to the fact that this happens all to often.

He also indicated that return took up to 30 days to show on the card!

So I now have a “Dispute for Credit Not Applied” on my Best Buy Credit Card.
And I still have to write a letter stating this same thing again. ARG!!!!

Since my fiasco with this store I have heard from others that no-one has had a good experience Best Buy. They never allow them to deliver if they do buy from them.

I would suggest going with any other store but Best Buy for large appliance purchases. Lowe’s has always been amazing! We’ve gotten our dryer, fridge, freezer and now washer from them and every delivery and install has been fabulous!

Cross your fingers that they don’t screw us any more than they already have!

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    Together both companies show off our country’s worst

    customer service skills!!! They top the most rude and most unfriendly attitude towards the customer! And American Consumer!!

    EBAY CARES little about anything other than how much money they make

    off these classless clowns!! So EBAY IS also a BIG part of the problem!!

    Dealtree employees will give you the same LOW "CALIFORNIA STYLE"

    customer service that you get when you go to a Best (worst) buy retail store.

  2. I’ll 2nd the thumbs down on 2ndturn. I bought something from them that had non-minor cosmetic damage, which was not mentioned in the ad. Since it was not a big enough deal to go to trouble
    and cost of returning it, I rated them neutral. They in turn rated me neutral because I had not
    contacted them first! (Mind you I posted my paypal payment within hours of winning the auction.)

    …So when this happens to you, contact them first so they can’t claim you didn’t, and they
    will have nothing they can down rate them.

    I do agree about Ebay, do you remember when you could easily buy *used* stuff? Now you type any search string, and you get page after page of new stuff much of which is ‘spam’ only vaguely related to what you are looking for.

    Avoid BUY.COM while you are at it. (Another California company) They also like to mis-advertise, and then give you the Indian customer support run-around.

    Caveat Emptor!

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