Back in Denver

The rumors of how much snow was here was greatly exaggerated! The neighborhoods are definitely lacking in the being plowed arena, but the regular roads were just fine!

After we went to the wineries and found a bunch of yummies to take home, we had to figure out how to get it home! We of course got some desert wines which I forgot are taller than a normal case size, sigh, go figure! So we decided to put 5 of the tallies in our luggage. It was all snuggled in our closes, layers or bubble wrap, target bag just in case. When hubby pulled it off the carousel I smelled vinegar. Hmmmmm. Maybe we were lucky and it was just some face wash or something… No such luck. We decided to leave the carnage at the airport. So we opened the suit case. From the top you could see that one side of the box was very very squished. OH NO!! Luck was with us and it was just the Chrysalis which was the one we liked the least and the one vineyard that can ship to Colorado! Woohoo!! Hubby’s jeans got the brunt of the spillage, so my new jammies, wool sweater and new land’s end shirt was saved!

Everything else appears to have made it just fine! But with our delay in DC, the head wind that made us fly a measly 400 miles an hour, the 20 minute delay to get to the gate, the 40 minute delay to get the luggage and the site trip for hubby to pick up my pampered chef Christmas present… We made it home by 11… ugh! (We were supposed to land at 8) We plopped into bed pooped as can be! It was nice to be back in our big bed, together! Bubbah’s were very happy to see us. Terrance slept as close to me as he could!

I’ll wake the hubby up in a couple hours so we can do our Christmas!

For now, it’s left over bills and laundry! Woohoo! Welcome home to me!

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