Almost home!

 I flew to Wisconsin for Business on Monday.


I hadn’t found all the appropriate shoes. So I have beentromping around in my super cute super pointy black boots with heels.

Yes I look stupid, but there is no snow sneaking in the sides of my shoes and I mostlykeep from falling down!


I gotta say, the food here is hit or miss. I have had 2 very unhappy dinners.

1 very tasty dinner. And a few lunches that were ok.


The weather has been….  Icky.


It snowed 2 nights ago and again tonight.

This morning the car said it was    -7   and possibility of ice.

Really, you think maybe?




I’m attempting to go standby tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers!


I’d like to be home with my Dad. He was a good sport and came out to support the move. And then got abandoned!  With both dogs and a house full of unpacked boxes! Think he deserves something nice for Christmas, eh?


And to top it off…  Terrance has decided he still wont go upstairs and has been pooping anywhere but outside…  Poor dad.