Professional Development for Women Seminar

Great Class!

I took a Professional Development for Women Seminar which was put on by Clemson University.

It was a full day event. I learned a ton!

It started out with the key note by Kathy Stroh where she talked about Juggling Master – The Ritual of success. The key points I took from that session were:

“You don’t have as much ability to change the world as you do in changing your response to the world”

Master vs Performer – find a mentor with the following skills:

  • How they respond
  • They seek solutions to a challenge
  • They apply effort to a challenge
  • Take responsibility for dealing with a challenge

Count on dropping the ball! Failure is not about dropping the ball, it is about not picking it up again!

The first session I attended was Transforming the Difficult into the Delightful Kathy Hess-Reneau
It was a very interesting talk. She was a great speaker!

The key points I took from this session were:

  • Acknowledge Their World – stay centered
  • No-one puts your down without your permission
  • Make a personal mission statement
  • Determine what you are committed to

The session I attended right before lunch was a very important one to me. One I’ll spend some time researching and expanding
Skills for Personal Assessment for your Professional DevelopmentJenny Macarthur

Amazing stuff to think about. We did an exercise where we wrote down how we wanted to be perceived. Then we wrote down some things people didn’t generally know about us. They we took the side effects of those items to see how they could be inhibiting our success at our perception.

I want to send the message that I am

  • Knowledgeable
  • Dependable
  • Approachable
  • Good Leader

Thing I don’t necessarily share:

  • I use humor, and like to make things funny
  • I care about others
  • I want to succeed
  • I can occasionally be shy.

What happens to my message?

  • Knowledgeable – sometimes being shy makes me seem less knowledgeable than I am.
  • Approachable – unappreciated humor can make me less approachable
  • Good Leader – too much interest in others welfare can be a draw back to how I am perceived in my leadership role.

So I’ll be spending more time thinking about those topics. My “Dark Side”. How I can change my perception!

Lunch was very enjoyable. I met some interesting gals from a company down the road.

After lunch I attended – Negotiate with Passion for Power and Performance by Mary Redmond.

I found her to be an excellent speaker, but didn’t get as much from the topic as I had hoped.

I did get a couple tidbits to take with me thought:

  • When negotiating – don’t say NO
  • Use patience – take as much time as it takes, have a plan B and C!
  • Golden Rule – people will not negotiate with you unless they believe you can Help or Hurt them!

Closing was done by Martha Lanier Ignite our Potential.
Great speaker! Kept you engaged!

You most powerful resource is – YOU!

All in all it was a marvelous day!

If you have a chance to see any of these speakers – do it!

I feel very empowered and hope to employ a couple of the things I learned today rather quickly!