Denver Wine Fest

Denver Wine Fest

Here are what we liked:
Windmill – Cabernet (from the same makers of 7 Deadly Zins – which is super good too!)

Brassfield Estates – we likes most of their offering
Merlot, Zin, Serenity

Old Zin Vines – Oak Ridge Winery
Very nice wine! Enjoyed the taste.

From Magellan Wine Imports we found a couple reislings we enjoyed
2006 – Flying Ace Riesling – Rheingau, Germany

Book Cliff Vineyards – john lived the cab, I liked the merlot

Insatiable Wines – Merlot – good after the obligatory 2 sips
Chessman Vineyards – Merlot (voted best) – john liked that one better

Black Oak – Reisling – definitely a yummy!

Spero Vinery – 2003 Merlot – no tannons, very tastey

Desert Moons Vineyards – Ruby – john likes

We had a great afternoon! We got to DU right on time. A couple minutes before 2 to make the most of our 4 hour window! Parking was $10 – which totally annoyed me since we had already blown $75 a piece just to get in the door… ARG! And since it wasn’t down town…  But i got over it!

We enjoyed the tastings and the people. The nice thing was there was no purchasing, so there was no pressure!

We also found some fabulous beef too! – Snow Creek Ranch

And the company that recycles bottles into wine glasses and drinking glasses – Green Glass Company