Another humorous moment in my life!

I like skirts. I’m comfortable in skirts. I like winter cause I can wear nylons and then my thighs don’t rub together! Life is good!

Today I was in a flowie skirt. I had on my nylons and my heels. I also had my black berry clipped to my side.

I head to the ladies room.

I lift up my skirt and start to slip down my hose to do what comes naturally and suddenly I’m stuck. Things aren’t moving as they should and everyone knows you don’t make sudden moves with panty hose for fear of a run!

Then I realize my error. I have clipped my blackberry to my skirt as well as my panty hose. So now I must untangle, and attempt to not fall into the toilet as the same time!

It all ended up ok, but it was quite a comical moment as I was trapped in the stall by my own under pinnings!

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