Would you have tipped

Bear’s Car Wash & Detail Center

8100 W Crestline Ave
Denver, CO 80123


Last week, before I headed in to pick up my new fancy mobile…  I needed to get my car detailed. You know, make them think it looks even better than it is?  So I was going to go to the one owned by an old neighbor, but I was having lunch with a friend and she said that this place, over on Wadsworth and Bellview was the bombdigity!  She advised that she had used them every time she was going to sell her cars and they did the best job ever. Ok, I’ll give it a shot. I arrive at 1pm. I ask about a detail. 1.5 hours. I said is that inside and out, no just in. How long for both? 4 hours. Ok, I’ll go with just in.

I hand over my car and head into the waiting room.

It’s like a giant cheesey 80’s version of a bad lounge. Big puffy couches, mirrors everywhere.

I spread out! I’ve got work to do! So I have my laptop, black berry, wireless card, I’m good to go.

Around 3 I’m getting a little antsy, but I’m in the middle of some things so, I just keep on working.

Then it happens…  The battery on my laptop alerts me that I have 15 minutes left.

Well, of course, now I am thoroughly annoyed! It is almost 4 pm – so that would be double the time indicated eh?  There is one plug. It is under a shelf, in the floor with nothing to sit on or stand by near it. Sigh!

So of course I have had enough. I politely ask the woman at the counter for that status of my car. Suddenly I notice it’s been backed out. I really don’t know how long it’s been backed out, but it had better not have been long!

So I head to the “detail” office. A lovely woman says oh, I was just coming to see if it was you in the waiting room (I’m thinking, who else would it be? People hang here during the week for fun?). I say, perhaps you should have your people work on their estimate. She says, oh? I say yes, it’s been 3 hours – double the original estimate. She says, well I did have a little delay coming to get you – I say, really, like and hour and a half delay? She says… well no. I appreciate her attempting to save her people, but really.

So I thanked her, hopped in my car and off I went.

She did stand for a second, which I guessed meant I was supposed to give her a tip…  I decided I had spent quite enough time and money there and that a tip was not in their future!


After I got home, I notice they apparently dropped the wax can on my car and created a brand new clearly obvious scratch on the car. HOLY CARP!  I also notice on the day I am to bring my car to the dealer that whatever they used on my seats has left a white film on them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!


So this was definitely the worst experience I have ever had at a car detailer!

So don’t ever use – Bear Car Wash!

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