Weirdo on the plane!

Last Friday I caught a united flight home to get here before midnight!

People who fly united are weird!

There were people up and about getting things from theirbags in the overhead the entire flight. It was bizarre!

Just waay to much action for a rush hour flight!


But that was not the point of my story!


I got one of the very last window seats! I do window so that when big people or annoying men sit next to me I at least get 1 whole arm rest to myself!


This time I got on pretty quick since I was the first group boarded.


This gentleman comes and sits down in the aisle seat. Another woman comes to sit and says they must have the same tickets. He says no, he wrong, but asks if she wants to trade! She kindly declines!  What a fool! Who the heck would sign up for the middle seat?


He sit next to me, takes out his fancy new ipod and proceeds to blast the bajeesus out of his ear drums!

Then it get better – he start stomping his feet in time to his music (not tapping – no – lifting his knee high up and slamming his foot down to the ground!)

But wait there’s more – then he starts tapping on his tray (which is down and we haven’t taken off yet)

Better still – as we are taxing to take off he pulls out his black berry and makes a call


I’m in awe!


We take off – luckily no interference from any of his electronic equipment!


He continues to tap and stomp. Slowly moving into my personal zone… sigh…


Eventually he does fall asleep.


But when he isn’t he’s all fidgety and moving around. He used the rest room 3-4 times in a 3 hours flight. Lordie!


At one point he asks the flight attendant what time it is, and when we are landing.


He noticed me checking the time on my ipod (it’s my only way to tell time since my cell phone is off and I am not wearing watches these days). He asks if my ipod automatically resets the time. I say no, I’m from Denver. He says – oh.


Then…..  He asks if I can help him with his ipod. Apparently it is brand brand new and his kids made him get it. If only I could throttle them now!  He has managed to get his ipod stuck on auto repeat of 1 song! Bwahahahahaha!  I show him his menus and how spinning vs clicking gets different results. I forgot to show him the volume control – bummer for me.


It was really just an awe inspireing trip!


I really hope to limit my time on united in the future! Fronteir is soooo much better!H He



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