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Sorry to let you down…

I hate to break it to everyone…

But I don’t like baseball. Or soccer. Or football. Or any other sport type thing.

When I lived in So Cal, I went to exactly 1 game a year. And that was only because the UMass Alumni put it on. It was a way for me to catch up with long lost friends from college.

Now that I live in the land of the sports freaks, I’m even less inclined to go to a game. The UMass alumni association is waay north and the Red Sox only hit this part of the country every 4 years or so.

So to answer everyone who is asking – I will “root” for the sox. Simply cause I grew up there. But I’m pretty sure I’ll only know if there is a game cause my commute will be all jacked up and parking will be astronomically priced at the office!

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Hahahahahahah..that’s as clear as it gets!

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