My weekend in the kitchen!

I awoke Saturday with a bee in my bonnet! It was baking and cooking and general time in the kitchen!

I decided we would do something with the sirloin steaks from my Omaha purchase a few months ago! So I delved in to my cooking light notebook and decided on the Korean Beef Barbeque! The one missing ingredient was Sake, so that on our to do list!

While that was defrosting, it was time for cookies!

I went through my “Great American Cookie Cookbook” and found Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie recipe, the Bat Cookies (Butter cookies and glaze) in honor of Halloween and a Spider Web Cookie from cooking light! Time to get busy!

The glazing part of the Spider Web and Bat cookies were a lot of fun! Hubby got the task of how to create black out of every color in the food coloring kit! It’s not as easy as it sounds, ask him!

Sunday was the day of snow! We were supposed to meet friends for dinner but decided to postpone! So I decided to make my favorite recipe from youth – Pork Chop Rice Bake. And since I was on such a roll – added on some time for the Dinner Rolls 5 ways! Woohoo!

It was not quite as I remembered it, but I did spend some time with the caked on goodness and a spoon in front of the TV, making sure I got to eat all the wonderful baked on yummies!

In addition to all that, I pulled out a chicken carcas from the freezer and started a pot of pastina! If you don’t know what that is – basically a big old pot of chicken or turkey stock, add whole package of ity bity pastas or stars, boil till no more water visible, top with cheese and butter and eat!

So I think I got my cooking itch scratched, but there is a new cooking light that just arrived in the mail today…

One thought on “My weekend in the kitchen!

  1. Sounds like you had a great snowy cooking day. I can’t wait to see the cookies you sent! The kids will love them no matter what. I’m going to try those butter ones. They look good and easy.

    We’ve been so busy, I barely had time to make pizelles for the concert last night. I managed to squeeze them in in the afternoon – before lunch.

    Hope your car works like you thought it would in the snow!!

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