Monday with George!


I headed down town Manhattan on Monday night to see George!

He was a friend of my ex from his RPI days.

He has visited us many times out in LA, so it seemed fair to return the favor. It must have been at least 5 years since I have seen him and he looks just the same!

I got the fella’s at work to drop me off on their way todinner. We walked all over the city! I’m sure it wasn’t all over but since I didn’tget to change shoes and was in my boots. New boot. Only worn 1 time before.HOLY GUACAMOLE! I knew I only had some many minutes before my feeties would boycott!He took me to a great restaurant! YUMMIES! We walked by Carnegie hall, Rockefeller Center,the church across the street, central park (just a little bit), Columbus circle and thenwe were out of time!  We had to make sureI caught the train out to LI before there were no more trains! (No pictures, my camera was stuck in my back that was stuck in the trunk of the car that the guys from work had  :(  )


Trains in New York are interesting! There were great conversations to listen to!

And I swear Shrek’s wife was on my train! For Real!


Lucky for me, out hotel offers free shuttle for anyone within 10 miles! Woohoo!

The front desk ended up being the one to pick me up. And I have been here enough that he recognized me when I got in the van. Sigh!


As I was getting off the train I paused a little to figure out which side of the platform to find the shuttle. The fella that got off at the same time paused too. Uh oh! Me being the timid little white girl, freaked out a little. So I called the hubby to just have someone to be talking with as I got my bearings! What a good guy he is! All worked out and I was in bed by 12:30!  Party animal, I know!


It was a fun night and my feet were better by the next morning!