Lazy Bear does the craft fair!

This time at least I made back my entry fee!
I even made a bit of a profit – but I’m pretty sure I blew that on the new card table and chairs that we bought for the fair!

Good thing I have a real job to pay for this non self sufficient job!

I sold about 5 of the tea lights. At least one of the boxes was lighter when I left!

The most common comment – beautiful pottery – as they turned to leave with no purchase!

Ah well! We didn’t go negative, and that is what counts, right?

So of anyone needs some unique gifts for Christmas, check out the site!  (Shipping is on sale – 2.95 flat fee!)

They are really neat pieces- you put in a candle and dim the lights and the shapes dance on the walls. Hubby and I love them! I have snowmen for holiday cheer, flowers, stars, and dragon flies!

The weekend is over and I’m pooped!

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