Inconsiderate parents!

We decided to head bowling last night! Figured since everyone would be at home or out watching the game we would be able to get a lane pretty easy!

We got there around 6pm. I know, I know, we are indeed party animals! (and it was shortly after a 2 hour nap I had taken!)

There were only a couple of other groups there. 1 birthday party and one set of hoochie mom’s with 3 kids between them.

We did our thing. Hubby still rocks at bowling. I need a certain amount of beer and practice throws before I remember what I’m doing! First game I did get over 50! Second game a broke 100 – woohoo!

The middle of our second game a large troupe of pre-teen boys arrived.

They were thinking they were on our lane with us – thankfully they were not.
But it was if they were. They were hootin and hollering. They would scream every time one other 4 some would bowl – you know the yell you do to scare the person so they screw up their throw. Well guess who also could hear those hollers. This went on for every throw. The dad of the group was right there – watching the rockies game on TV. Completely oblivious to their yells. Now granted boys make noise. I know that. But seriously, be a good parent and after a couple yells calm them down? I was simply annoyed by the lack of control or care of control. The hoochie children on the other took the example from the new uncontrolled boys and started running up and down the bowling alley… So we decided against one more game and headed back to the home stead.

We picked up a couple movies and a nummie pizza! Fantastic 4 – Rise of the Silver Surfer. That was pretty good. And then we re-rented Pirates of the Caribbean (the second movie) thinking it was the 3rd one. Sigh. That was a disappointment! And our last one to watch today is Wild Hogs. Figured a little comedy would do us good.

And of course it was always fun to wake up today to see the Rockies losing to the sox 3 in a row!