Finally I returned from the east coast with a bottle of the essence of life!
The wondrous item that made cafeteria lunches bearable!


I had attempted the last couple of trips to NY to obtain the elusive Fluff!
Finally I had control of the rental car during regular business hours, and to Walmart I went!
It was in the first ailse and go figure 94 cents! You know it’s good and good for you at that price, eh?

I have been talking about this fluff stuff since hubby and I first met. He would just nod and accept that I was insane that there was no difference between marshmallow cream and fluff. Oh the travesty!

So Sunday (I couldn’t do it right after I got home cause I didn’t have the white bread!) I made us fluffernutters for lunch at the fair! I wrapped them in wax paper and just couldn’t wait to eat them!

I was in heaven and had it all over my face!
Hubby agreed that it was indeed tasty and it could rank pretty high in the list of things you have to have eaten before you die!

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  1. Did you notice if you go to the site that you can listen to the jingles? My husband is less than thrilled that I am playing it all day long!

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