The week of Tranquility, Peace, Patience, lesson

So I’m trying something new! A program that Ben Franklin came up with to better yourself. First week was gratitude – I did ok with that. Last week was positive speech. That was a bit harder, especially since I was traveling for business. (extrapolate from there if you will). So this week is Tranquility, Peace etc. Basically not getting angry. If you know, you know this is going to be a hard week.

With the previous 2 weeks under my belt, it is actually a bit easier! Luckily it’s not a one shot deal! There are 13 weeks of things to focus on, and you get 4 times per year to try it out!

My friend Stacy is doing the program with me, so we test each other, and support each other – every day! We are finding we need constant reminders of our good selves! Wanna try it with me?