Saturday Adventures

Weekend Fun


Saturday I spend the morning in the studio! 4 uninterrupted hours of messy bliss!


Around 11 we headed toward downtown – it was time for our annual jaunt to the Taste!


We stopped off for a snack on the way – Cornzapoppin

I love the cheddar and hubby love the caramel chocolate!  Many a family member will be enjoying this stuff at Christmas!


Then we stopped at the BMW dealership on the way and order me an X5. Ok that sounded a little pretensions eh?  I’ve been thinking about this car since the blizzards last winter!  It was just a matter of time and me releasing the purse strings for it to happen!


I got my usual color combination – black on black. Got the cold weather package – gotta keep the bootie and the hand warm out here! Got the technology package for the hubby – nav, backup camera and some other stuff. Got the premium package for the super cool, super big sun roof, leather seats and some other stuff!  Should be here in a month!

Just in time for our first snow!


Hubby is more excited that I am!  I’m hate to break into savings to get the car into a reasonable monthly payment! He’s so excited to drive it around and use all the cool new toys!


After that pit stop! It was time to look at some condos down town! That is our next plan! Either find a condo downtown in the gettoh, and rent it out till the area picks up, or sell the house and move down now!  We saw a couple that were really cool and even had some place for my studio! Or course beyond our reach right now…  We’ll have to see how much this house appraises for and how our credit is doing!  (Just ran it through – and I’m super prime!)


Finally it was time to eat at the Taste! We were smart this year and brought 1 camel back! Next year we will bring 2! We emptied it before we had finished a couple loops!


Our favorites this year!

ALPINE SAUSAGE Company – hubby had the Louisiana hot link – thumbs up!

BAYOU BOB’S – fried alligator – yummies

HOUSE – Alu Chat and Garlic Nahn

’S RESTAURANT – Vegetable Pakora

SALTGRASS STEAKHOUSE – Range Rattlers (Shrimp- Stuffed Jalapenos) – very tasty, but probably not a good choice at an outdoor food festival around 4pm!

SNOWBIZ – snowcone! Love that you can put on your own flavor!!!!

WILD GINGER -Vegetarian Phud Thai Noodles and Crab Meat Cheese Wontons

PANZANO – Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato


After we gorged ourselves we headed home and hopped on our new bikes! (We bought bikes last weekend – it was our Christmas present last year, finally got around to it – and yes I know that it is now September!)  Hubby got the Rincon –  and I got the Boulder SE – Mine is red and hubby’s is blue! We took a jaunt around the neighborhood to work off some of all that we ate!  We took a new trail that they just finished, and I attempted to keep the bike in low gear up the hills since when I want younger I used to destroy my knees by keeping the gears bigger to get farther with each pedal!

 A very busy day! 


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