Plymouth Creek Trail Hike


Cause hubby loves me, he agreed to get up relatively early on Sunday and do a hike I’ve been wanting to do for a couple months now!  A summit in a near by Deer Creek Canyon Park!  Plymouth Creek Trail – which eventually bring you to the summit of Plymouth Mountain!  We got started around 8:15 or 8:30 and it was already heating up! It was quite a bit of uphill, but not as strenuous as our fourteener!  Luckily much of this part of the hike was in the shade which brought the temps down pretty quick!


We saw a number of squirrels and birds and unfortunately quite a bit of the neighborhood that surround and are in this park. Bummer!  Some really kick butt houses, but not really what we were in the mood to see when hiking in nature!


We made the summit! Enjoyed the views of Denver and then headed down a different way! A longer way! Thanks again to my great hubby that lets me drag him on crazy hikes!  It was supposed to be a 2.8 one way hike – which would be around a 5.6 total hike…  With our extended loops we ended up at 7.5!  Luckily most was on the downhill part! But hey, we were exercising!