I need a new belt…

The other day I’m wearing my super cute white capris (petite, so they don’t just look like short pants!), and they are a smidge big in the waist, so I have to wear them with a belt. Bout mid day I take a potty break and as I’m re-synching my pants low and behold I notice that my belt has broken. Half of the leather is not longer attached to the buckle. Now this is a hearty leather belt, that was reversible, that took me 6 months to find when I did find it. It’s not flimsy; the location where it hooks into the metal for the buckle is strong…. And I managed to break it! OH MY LORD!
To myself – I’m so fat I busted my belt, how embarrassing!

I put myself back together as best I can and finish out my day.

Later that night I say to hubby:
Me – Guess what? I’m so fat I busted my belt!
Hubby – no you aren’t
Me (in head)– what a cutie! He knows it but he’s trying to be nice!
Hubby – I stepped on it the other day, and I broke it… sorry.   

I’m still chuckling about that one!


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