Week in Seattle

Week with the hubby!


Last weekend I headed out to Seattle to help the hubby and Tom with their Conference.


I think it was a great success! They did fabulous and the peeps seemed to enjoy themselves!


I ended up being more of as assistance then I had anticipated, but I was fun to be useful!


I was also neat to put faces with names. I hear a lot about people, but don’t really know who they are or what they relate to! Hopefully I was nice to all the people I was supposed to be nice to!


I ended up working most of the days in the hotel room. Thankfully my view was Pikes Market!  Dang work getting in the way of my fun!


I did manage to get an afternoon open to do the underground tour and the duck rides!

Underground tour was really cool and the ducks are always fun! We did miss the Troll under the bridge and the Sleepless in Seattle house boats due to a closed boat ramp, but our driver did manager to run a red, so that added some excitement!


Friday we headed into the mountains! I finally got to meet Hubby’s grandparents! They were super duper cute! A real joy to watch! They still hold hands and make google eyes! We can hope to still be like at their age! They live in the middle of Washington state. Lots of brown!


I also got to meet the cousins etc. Brought back some horrific memories of a family reunion. My mom would make my sister and I go, hang with the cousins we didn’t know. My sister is 8 years older, so I was placed with “the kids my age”. Well the kids my age didn’t want to hang out with me. So one by one they would make an excuse to leave till I was left all alone. Sigh. I hated them. I refused to attend another reunion after that! Mom was kind enough to appreciate my discomfort and didn’t push the issue! Side note – his cousins were very nice! And i had hubby and SIL to hang with!