Long week, longer weekend!

 This week I was in training with my client…  Long days! Still had to get some semblance of work done after the training!


Today their flights left at 5pm, so that meant a 2pm departure from the office, but we finished early so they departed around noon. I still had to get some additional work done, but was able to depart around 3, 3:30! Woohoo – party!


I headed to Target to get the finished touches for our backpacking trip this weekend!


Hubby has been working 16 hours days since before I got back from NY. We have not seen each other for more than ½ hour time slots in a long time!  L


So tonight was my turn to determine all our camping needs!  So I decided to fill up laundry baskets will each of our needed items. Let me tell you, it worked well!

I picked up our rental packs last night! We recently bought a new tent, since mine had been borrowed and returned dirty and bug eaten….  So we needed something that could head car camping as well as backpacking – I’ll give you an update when we return!


Last year we did a pretty easy 1 mile in backpacking trip with our friend E and K. This time it’s over 3…  Wish us luck!  I’ve pared down quite a bit, not more than a partial change of clothes for over night and the next day! We have the new filter!  We will be following a creek the whole way! Lunch is by far the heaviest part!  5 pounds!  Bagel sandwhiches, cheezits, and apples! 


See you soon, and look out for the bears!